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Points System
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BCHSA Points System

The BCHSA season points will be final on Sunday, October 22nd. If there are any point issues contact the Point Keeper as soon as possible.

In order to receive a Year-End Award, a Horse/Pony in a Hunter or Pleasure division and a Rider in an Equitation division must have accumulated at least six (6) points.

Junior Horse & Pony Medals points are combined, but we cannot do it on our program. Please refer to the print outs at the shows for the accurate count.

Please note: If there is a zero listed for points awarded for one person or horse in a class where others were awarded points, it means that the person or horse listed as receiving 0 points for a ribbon is not a member.

Point System

1st10 Points 15 Points
2nd6 Points 11 Points
3rd4 Points 9 Points
4th2 Points 7 Points
5th1 Point 6 Points
6th1/2 Point 5 Points

Merit System

Blue Merit = 25 points
Red Merit = 15 points

Mini Short Stirrup & Beginner Rider Equitation
Blue Merit
= 35 points
Red Merit = 25 points

Short & Long Stirrup
Blue Merit
= 45 points (qualifies rider to compete in the Short & Long Stirrup Merit Medal Finals)
Red Merit = 35 points
All riders receiving less than the Red Merit number of points will earn a participation award at the year end banquet of champions.

(Medal classes do not have an increment change based on the number of entries)

Special Considerations:
For full points to count toward Annual High Point Awards for Hunter divisions, each division must have at least three (3) exhibitors complete the first class of the division. If only two (2) exhibitors complete the first class, only half points will be awarded for that division class. If there are only two (2) entries in a division, horses will only receive half points as long as both entries complete the first class. If a division is run with only one entry, no points will be awarded.

Classic Point System:
The points earned in these classics will be added to the horses’ year end totals in their respective divisions. In addition to being used to boost the division year end totals, the classic points themselves will also be used to determine the high point horse in each of the three classics.

1st Place = 20 points
2nd Place = 16 points
3rd Place = 14 points
4th Place = 12 points
5th Place = 10 points
6th Place = 8 points
7th Place = 6 points
8th Place = 5 points

BCHSA MEDALS - 12 points required to qualify
Junior & Pony Medal points can be combined, but the program will not reflect this. If you accumulate points in both sections, your overall total will count towards qualification.